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Missouri drivers may wish to avoid suspended license over holiday

With the 4th of July holiday quickly approaching, many individuals may be planning for a long weekend. However, individuals may wish to ensure that they are conscientious about their alcohol consumption during the holiday as officers will be on the lookout for impaired drivers. If an individual is stopped and charged with DWI, he or she could face a suspended license and/or other consequences.

Missouri officers are planning to begin their counting period for the holiday weekend on July 3 at 6 p.m. until 11:59 p.m. on July 5. During this time, officers will be conducting checkpoints in order to look for impaired drivers and other traffic violations. They will also be working to ensure that drivers follow the speed limit and wear seat belts. 

Missouri man may challenge possible driver's license suspension

When individuals submit to chemical tests in order to determine blood-alcohol content level, the results of those tests play a role in possible consequences. If a driver's BAC level is over the legal limit, immediate sanctions may be implemented. The most common repercussion is driver's license suspension, but drivers do have the ability to challenge such administrative outcomes.

One man in Missouri may be looking into such options after he was taken into custody. It was reported that the man allegedly crashed his pickup truck into a stop sign, and an officer responded to the scene. That officer purportedly believed the driver to be under the influence due to alleged slurred speech and the smell of alcohol. 

Missouri man charged after alleged fatal DWI accident

Events in which a person dies as a result of a car accident can lead to a serious legal situation. If a driver is suspected to have been intoxicated at the time of such an accident, he or she could face criminal charges. Allegations relating to a fatal DWI accident can come with steep penalties if a person is convicted, and therefore, parties will want to explore their defense options.

One man in Missouri may be assessing his situation after he was recently charged. It was reported that the man had allegedly been involved in a car accident earlier this year when he reportedly failed to remain in the correct lane. His vehicle purportedly crossed into the opposite lane of travel and collided with a van.

Missouri police chase, crash may mean driver's license suspension

If a driver is suspected to have been under the influence, it is likely that individual will have charges filed against him or her. As a result, that driver may wish to determine which defensive strategies may prove helpful to the situation. If a driver is at risk of driver's license suspension, information on challenging this may allow him or her to better combat such actions.

One driver in Missouri may be hoping to prudently handle her case after she was taken into custody. It was reported that authorities allegedly tried to stop a vehicle at an intersection but that the driver of the vehicle continued traveling. As a result, the driver purportedly led police on a chase before crashing the vehicle into a field. After the crash, the driver allegedly tried to leave the scene on foot.

Drunk driving questions: Are all sobriety checkpoints legal?

Missouri law enforcement officers regularly set up DWI checkpoints in an effort to decrease the number of drunk drivers on the roads. Any drivers who are suspected of being intoxicated will be subjected to various tests to determine their sobriety, and the consequences may -- at the least -- include limited driving privileges. However, in defense of drivers who are arrested for drunk driving, DWI checkpoints are not always set up or carried out in compliance with state laws.

Questions have been asked about a checkpoint that was set up in Wentzville on Highway 61 on a recent Saturday evening. A person who acts as an expert witness in DWI cases and spent years investigating crashes while working with a sheriff's department in DWI enforcement reported the aspects of the checkpoint that were questionable. He claims that he could not obtain information on the location or time of the planned checkpoint when he phoned the police department.

Driver's license suspension could be concern of Missouri driver

When a car accident takes place, an investigation into the situation is open in order to determine what may have caused the incident to occur. If it is suspected that a driver may have been intoxicated at the time of a crash, additional steps may be taken to determine blood-alcohol levels and other related information. If a driver is suspected of DWI, he or she could potentially face charges and driver's license suspension.

One driver in Missouri may be concerned about the outcomes of a current investigation. It was reported that an accident took place between a car and a bus. Photographs from the scene appear to show that the car collided with the rear of the bus. Three individuals were reportedly on the bus at the time of the crash, but the accident reportedly did not result in injuries.

Defense tactics may help man in Missouri avoid suspended license

When a person is accused of criminal activity, his or her understandable focus is to defend against the allegations. Luckily, individuals who have been charged with DWI have the opportunity to create and present a defense in a criminal court. Such action could be helpful in challenging a suspended license and work toward avoiding other potential punishment. 

One man in Missouri may be hoping to find a prudent way to handle his situation after facing charges. It was reported that he was taken into custody after allegedly being involved in a single-car accident. The truck he was reportedly driving veered off the roadway and collided with a tree. As a result, the man suffered injuries.

Man awaits extradition to Missouri due to fatal DWI accident

When an individual is not certain how to handle a situation, he or she may ask for advice from parties who are more experienced regarding the subject or utilize other methods for finding out information. These steps can help parties prepare for situations that they may face and could be of use if individuals have been charged with a crime. A driver accused in a fatal DWI accident may want to determine what steps could help in preparing for the upcoming legal process. 

One man is currently awaiting extradition to Missouri after he was taken into custody in another state. It was reported that the man had allegedly been involved in a fatal accident in Missouri. The man had purportedly been driving a vehicle that collided with the rear of another vehicle. As a result of the collision, the second vehicle left the roadway and overturned, causing a passenger to suffer fatal injuries. 

Man enters guilty plea after fatal DWI accident in Missouri

When an individual is facing criminal charges, it may be appropriate to determine how he or she feels most comfortable handling the situation and what may prove most beneficial going forward. Some may wish to enter a guilty plea if there has been discussion of a plea bargain. Such a bargain could result in an individual accused of involvement in a fatal DWI accident being given a lesser sentence or other beneficial outcome.

One man in Missouri recently pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a fatal accident. It was reported that he had been driving when his vehicle crossed the dividing line and crashed into another vehicle. An individual in that other vehicle reportedly suffered fatal injuries. 

Missouri woman could be at risk for suspended license

When an individual has been involved in a car accident, there may be numerous aspects that must be handled. If injuries resulted from the situation, the injured party may need to take steps to seek treatment as well as pay for medical expenses. Additionally, legal issues could arise if a person is suspected to have been drinking and driving. If an individual is facing such accusations, there could be a risk of a suspended license

One woman in Missouri may be working to determine how to handle her circumstances after being arrested. The situation reportedly began when the woman was involved in a single-car accident. The woman had allegedly been driving when she reportedly failed to properly travel through a curve veering left. As a result, her vehicle went off the roadway and struck a tree before overturning.

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