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DWI-related accident results in injuries for Missouri men

When a driver has been drinking and is involved in an accident, the consequences can vary depending on the specific circumstances. If the DWI-related accident results in a fatality, the driver could face vehicular homicide charges. If the event doesn't result in any injuries, the driver could face less severe but still serious charges for DWI. There is also an array of situations that could occur between those two extremes, and a party may wish to learn more about how the outcomes will play into his legal situation.

Two Missouri men were injured in a single-car accident due to the driver allegedly being under the influence. According to reports, the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle, ran off the opposite side of the road and hit a tree. Purportedly, neither occupant of the car was wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.

Officers may use Breathalyzer test at Missouri checkpoints

To avoid receiving a citation or conviction for DWI charges, the best circumstance would to be to not drink and drive. Unfortunately, many individuals may have a lapse in judgment and make the mistake of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Officers often utilize checkpoints in order to stop vehicles and determine whether they believe a driver to be intoxicated. In many instances, they may wish to perform a Breathalyzer test.

Authorities in Missouri will be setting up sobriety checkpoints throughout the months of April and May. These checkpoints will take place across several counties and on certain roadways across the state. It was reported that at least six counties will be the hosts of these roadblocks.

Drivers may consider options if involved in DWI-related accident

It is no secret that alcohol-related accidents occur in staggering numbers every day. These accidents range from single vehicle crashes to pileups, and the results can range from no injuries to fatalities. Along with the injuries and other damages, individuals who consumed alcohol before driving could face serious charges for their involvement in a DWI-related accident, especially if a fatality does occur.

A recent reported stated that Missouri has had over 200 deaths in the last year due to alcohol-related crashes. It was also stated that the Department of Transportation will continue to utilize sobriety checkpoints to deter individuals from drinking and driving in hopes of reducing the number of DWI accidents. Unfortunately, since 2005, approximately 2,000 individuals died in the state due to drunk driving accidents.

Missouri congressman faces repeat DWI situation

When it comes to unwise decisions, no person is exempt from making a few from time to time. If a person is able to learn from such a decision the first time, they may be able to avoid unfortunate future situations. However, some individuals make the same mistakes more than once. As a result, they can find themselves facing serious consequences, especially if it is for repeat DWI.

A Missouri congressman has found himself in a similar situation after recently being taken into custody for his second DWI in a short period of time. Reports state that the man was stopped by authorities, but exact details about his situation were not given. It was mentioned, however, that a breath test was administered, and the man's blood-alcohol level was allegedly over twice the legal limit.

Missouri woman could face revoked driver's license after crash

Because everyone is human, everyone is at risk of making unwise decisions and other mistakes. For some, that mistake may be choosing to consume alcohol and then operate a vehicle. Unfortunately, this mistake can have dire consequences that could result in serious injuries and/or legal issues for the driver that could lead to a revoked driver's license.

A Missouri driver could potentially face such consequences after reportedly being involved in a single-car accident. Reports state that the driver had been traveling when she allegedly cross the roadway and crashed into a pole, causing the pole to break off. It was reported that there were also four children in the vehicle at the time of the accident, one of which was the driver's child and others were nieces and nephews.

Suspended license could stem from Missouri car accident

When a driver consumes alcohol and then attempts to drive a vehicle, the combination could have catastrophic results. Because the driver is impaired, he or she may not have total control over their actions. As a result, the driver or another individual could become injured if the driver is unable to keep the vehicle under control. Not only could injuries be an issue but legal issues and potentially a suspended license as well.

A driver in Missouri is currently facing recovery from injuries as well as allegations for DWI. According to reports, the driver was traveling when she was allegedly unable to maintain control of the vehicle. Her vehicle reportedly left the right side of the roadway, and when she attempted to move the vehicle back into the lane, she purportedly overcorrected, traveled off the left side of the roadway and collided with a tree.

Missouri checkpoints could lead to limited driving privileges

Sobriety checkpoints are often utilized by authorities as a way to stop a significant number of vehicles and look for potential violations. Authorities may look for several signs to determine whether they suspect a driver to possibly be under the influence. These stops are particularly common during holidays and other occasions during which drivers may have been drinking before driving. If a driver is stopped at a checkpoint and is charged with DWI, they could potentially face limited driving privileges.

During two recent checkpoints, Missouri officials made 11 DWI-related arrests. It was reported that approximately 270 vehicles were stopped while these sobriety checkpoints were being conducted. One of the roadblocks reportedly stopped 171 vehicles while the second checkpoint stopped 101 vehicles.

Man pleads guilty in Missouri fatal DWI accident

Being involved in any type of accident that results in a death can be a difficult situation to face. If that incident is considered a fatal DWI accident, the accused driver could face serious charges that will need to be addressed. As a result, finding out more about the particular legal situation that an individual may find himself in could help the party determine which route to follow.

A fatal accident occurred in Missouri that left a woman dead and the other driver facing involuntary manslaughter charges. According to reports, the accused driver was allegedly under the influence when he ran a red light and collided with the woman's vehicle. A blood test administered three hours after the incident purportedly revealed that the man had a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit.

Missouri roadblocks could lead to driver's license suspension

As St. Patrick's Day weekend has come and gone, many individuals may be rethinking some of the decisions they made while they might have been under the influence. Some of those decisions may have been minor, but others could have been quite serious if a driver got behind the wheel after drinking. Because authorities had many roadblocks set up in anticipation for the holiday weekend, some drivers could be facing driver's license suspension.

When Missouri drivers find themselves at a roadblock, they may wonder what actions authorities may take. A recent report disclosed certain procedures that law enforcement officials may carry out after stopping a vehicle. First, they must assess the situation and determine if the driver is displaying any symptoms that may give authorities reasonable suspicion that the driver might be driving while intoxicated.

Repeat DWI offenders could be affected by Missouri proposal

When it comes to consuming alcohol, many individuals have a serious substance abuse problem. As a result, they may get behind the wheel after drinking and receive citations and other punishments for DWI. The severity of those punishments can increase over time if those individuals are considered persistent or repeat DWI offenders. Due to there being a significant number of those parties who are considered repeat offenders, a new policy in Missouri could take effect.

The proposed policy could potentially lead repeat DWI offenders to be more easily recognized by authorities. This proposal calls for a new tag that could indicate that the driver has had previous DWI convictions. A representative claimed that such a tag would give authorities "reasonable suspicion" to stop a vehicle.

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