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Missouri arrests sometimes lead to limited driving privileges

Missouri roads are busy thoroughfares. Motor vehicle accidents continue to be problematic in the state. On occasion, drivers find themselves accused of alcohol-related offenses, which can sometimes lead to limited driving privileges.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol made several arrests in McDonald and Newton counties recently, saying that each was connected to drunk driving. One incident involved a 35-year-old woman who was said to have been operating an All Terrain Vehicle at approximately 1:30 a.m. when the vehicle went out of control; she was ejected from her seat. After being transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of her injuries, she was charged by law enforcement agents with a misdemeanor DWI.

Woman accused of driving while intoxicated in Missouri

Sometimes, an alcohol-related incident involves only one vehicle. Depending upon preliminary investigations conducted at the scene of an accident, a driver may be charged with a criminal offense. Anyone in Missouri who is arrested under suspicion of driving while intoxicated typically benefits by securing legal representation as soon as possible following the arrest.

On a recent Saturday, a vehicle was apparently traveling in a southbound direction on a local roadway. The driver was said to be a 52-year-old woman. Authorities note that it was approximately 5 p.m. when the woman's vehicle strayed from the roadway on the left side.

Woman in Missouri charged with driving while intoxicated

Missouri police reported a recent motor vehicle collision that involved two cars. The incident resulted in one driver suffering minor injuries. However, that same driver was also charged with driving while intoxicated and other offenses after being taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Apparently, the 34-year-old woman was traveling eastbound on the highway just after 11:30 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. Highway patrolmen claim that her vehicle veered across the center line of traffic. Moments later, her car allegedly struck a pickup truck in the westbound lane.

How to secure legal help after fatal DWI accident in Missouri

Being involved in a motor vehicle collision that results in another person's death is obviously a very serious situation. When authorities cite alcohol as a leading factor in the crash, it may lead to criminal charges. If you have been accused of causing a fatal DWI accident in Missouri, assistance is available to guide you through the impending legal process.

Travis L. Noble Jr. is an attorney dedicated to helping those who have been accused of causing an alcohol-related fatal accident. He brings a decade of experience as a law enforcement officer and narcotics agent to the courtroom. He has also successfully obtained not guilty DWI manslaughter verdicts on behalf of clients.

Man charged in Missouri as a persistent drunk driving offender

The legal limit for operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol in Missouri is .08 percent. Some motorists find themselves facing charges in court after being accused of driving with blood alcohol content levels in excess of that amount. One man was recently charged with similar offenses as a persistent  drunk driving offender.

The 28-year-old was accused of running a car that carried a sheriff and a deputy off the road. The deputy claims that as she and the sheriff rounded a bend, another vehicle was coming toward them in the oncoming lane. She said that the sheriff, who was behind the wheel, avoided a collision by going off the road. 

Missouri driver accused of driving with revoked driver's license

Sometimes, Missouri State Highway Patrol officers make more than one arrest for similar reasons in the same area. For instance, on a recent Sunday in Newton County, two arrests for driving while intoxicated took place within hours of one another. One of the men involved faces several charges, including operating a motor vehicle under a revoked driver's license.

The man, age 50, was reportedly initially pulled over by police for a suspected equipment violation. The police department claims that the officer could tell the man was acting under the influence of alcohol. He took the man into custody and charged him with DWI, driving under a revoked license and traveling without using a seat belt.

Man accused of multiple drunk driving incidents in Missouri

Being accused of an alcohol-related offense does not necessarily mean that one will be convicted in court. Every situation is unique and there are often ways to challenge various aspects of the criminal charges one is facing. It is typically beneficial to seek legal guidance as soon as possible after being arrested for suspected drunk driving in Missouri.

Because a defendant's options may vary according to state law or the circumstances of an individual incident, consulting with an experienced defense lawyer makes sense in order to seek counsel that can help one make informed decisions regarding how best to proceed in court. An attorney can launch a thorough investigation into the details leading up to and following an arrest to help determine whether any violation of personal rights has occurred. He or she may also speak and act on a defendant's behalf in court. 

Finding legal help in Missouri re drunk driving charges

Missouri motorists accused of alcohol-related offenses behind the wheel will want to make certain that they have a clear understanding of the law and impending legal process. Facing drunk driving charges is a serious matter, especially if the person accused has prior convictions for similar offenses. Repeat convictions carry the potential for serious penalties that may include a lengthy prison sentence or substantial monetary fine, as well as severe restriction of personal privileges and freedoms.

Attorney Travis L. Noble Jr. is prepared to build a vigorous and strong defense on your behalf. Through thorough investigation and aggressive defense, he will ascertain whether your personal rights have been violated during or in the aftermath of your arrest. Attorney Noble understands that the charges you face have made for an uncertain future.

Possible repercussions for breath test refusal in Missouri

It is true that the things you say or do when pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in Missouri can be used against you in court. Often, police officers will request that a driver perform certain tests, including the Breathalyzer, when stopped for suspected driving impairment. Breath test refusal has potential consequences that may include license suspension.

It is typically crucial to retain the assistance of an attorney as soon as possible after you have been arrested and have refused a breath test. Some say that avoiding the test usually means that authorities then have less evidence against you. However, those who refuse the test may be at risk for a one-year license suspension; this can sometimes be avoided or mitigated, and an experienced attorney would be able to advise you in such matters.

Missouri judge arrested for drunk driving on New Year's Eve

Missouri citizens, both private and professional, often ring in the New Year with celebrations that include the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Sometimes, a person who has imbibed then gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and is unable to drive safely due to impairment. It is not uncommon for drunk driving collisions to occur under such circumstances.

One incident took place on New Year's Eve that involved a prominent member of the St. Louis legal community. Area police reportedly received a call stating that a witness had seen a car veer across a traffic lane and strike a barrier wall. The witness claims that the driver of the vehicle attempted to re-enter traffic, but then crashed into the wall again, moments later.

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