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Alleged repeat DWI offender taken into custody in Missouri

Many people are aware that felony charges come with more severe consequences than misdemeanor charges, if a person is convicted. What they may not know is that misdemeanor charges can sometimes increase to felony charges due to repeat violations. Therefore, if someone is considered a repeat DWI offender, he or she could be at risk of felony charges.

A man in Missouri could be facing serious allegations after he reportedly fled from police and was allegedly involved in two accidents. It was reported that law enforcement had apparently attempted to stop the man after he did not use a proper signal and did not have a license plate on the front of his vehicle. The driver reportedly stopped initially but then continued to travel at an excessive speed.

Suspended license could stem from Missouri DWI arrest

When a person is pulled over while driving, authorities may make certain requests of the driver. The most common of these requests is to see a person's driver's license. However, if an officer suspects that a driver may be intoxicated, that officer may also request that a driver submit to sobriety tests. If such tests are not performed satisfactorily, a person could face charges and possibly a suspended license.

A man in Missouri was recently stopped by police and taken into custody for an alleged DWI. It was reported that the man was an investigator for a county police department. Details on what caused authorities to stop the man were not available in the report as online records apparently did not provide specific details on the arrest.

Alleged DWI could mean a suspended license in Missouri

Losing control of a vehicle can cause drivers to panic and be uncertain as to how to regain control of the situation. In some cases, the incident ends in a car accident, which can be even more frightening for the driver involved. Unfortunately, there are instances in which a single-car accident can become even more complicated if authorities believe the driver to have been under the influence, and a suspended license could be possible outcome.

A Missouri woman may be interested in determining how to combat a potential license suspension after she was charged with driving while intoxicated. It was reported that the woman was traveling the roadway when she apparently lost control of her vehicle. As a result, the vehicle traveled away from the road and hit a fence before stopping.

Driver considered repeat DWI offender after Missouri crash

Losing the ability to drive can lead to a considerable burden on many parties. In some cases, a person may no longer be able to operate a vehicle due to age or an injury, but there are also instances in which a person may have a suspended license. If that is the case and the person is considered a repeat DWI offender, an individual may wish to brush up on possible legal strategies in hopes of avoiding certain outcomes.

A driver in Missouri may be considering such an option after she was taken into custody. It was reported that she was driving a vehicle when she allegedly failed to remain on the roadway. The vehicle was purportedly unable to maneuver through a curve in the road, and as a result, it crashed into a tree. The vehicle was apparently not severely damaged.

Alleged DWI crash results in fatality, charges in Missouri

When a car accident results in a fatality, it is not unusual for the driver considered at fault to face criminal charges. These charges can range in severity, and they may increase if the incident is considered a fatal DWI crash. In such a case, a driver who has been charged could potentially benefit from assessing the situation and gaining a better understanding of the legal repercussions of the event.

A man in Missouri may be hoping to obtain more knowledge about his case after being charged in a fatal accident. It was reported that the 20-year-old man was driving a pickup truck when it allegedly collided with a car. The impact reportedly caused the truck to end up on its top with the frontend detached, and the frontend of the other vehicle was also separated from the car.

Suspended license may be concern for Missouri man

When a situation results in an individual facing multiple charges for various alleged offenses, it is important for that party to understand how each charge may affect the situation. Information on plea bargains may help an individual determine whether entering a guilty plea for certain allegations may allow other charges to be dropped. However, plea bargains may not always be available. If an individual has been charged for DWI, focusing on how to handle a potential suspended license may also be important.

A man in Missouri may be hoping to find appropriate ways to handle his situation after being charged for multiple allegations. It was reported that the man was allegedly involved in a police chase after traveling at speeds of almost 130 mph. The officer following the vehicle was told to end the pursuit after the other vehicle went off the roadway.

DWI expungement may interest Missouri driver

No one is immune from making mistakes in their lifetime. As a result, some parties may end up with blemishes on their records due to arrests from alleged criminal activity. If a party is convicted of DWI there may be a chance that the mark could be cleared from his or her record. If the driver qualifies for DWI expungement, a past mistake may no longer be held against him or her.

A driver in Missouri was recently taken into custody after a car accident. It was reported that he was traveling and apparently lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle did not remain on the road, and as a result, reportedly crashed into a telephone box and some trees before stopping. The vehicle was purportedly totaled in the incident.

Questioning procedures may help challenge a suspended license

When an individual is stopped by police for suspected drunk driving, it is important that the officer handles the situation properly. This may include the treatment of the driver and any sobriety tests that the officer wishes the driver to perform. If a test or tests are not carried out in the correct manner by an officer, a driver may wish to question whether the outcomes could be used against him or her and use that information to challenge a possible suspended license or other potential consequences.

A case in Missouri recently examined the validity of a field sobriety test that was conducted on a driver. It was reported that a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, or HGN, test was administered after the driver was stopped for suspected drunk driving. This procedure requires that an officer test a person's vision by having the individual follow an object, such as a finger, with his or her eyes.

Missouri man could possibly face driver's license suspension

When an individual is taken into custody for driving while intoxicated, that person will be required to address the charges leveled against him or her. Though major consequences of DWI charges may not come about unless and until there has been a conviction, it is possible that a driver could be at risk for immediate driver's license suspension if tests indicate a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit. However, a party is typically entitled to challenge such an outcome.

One driver in Missouri could potentially face such a situation after being taken into custody. It was reported that the man was driving an SUV when he allegedly tried to go around another vehicle. The pass was apparently unsuccessful, however, and the driver reportedly lost control and crashed. The vehicle rolled before coming to a stop on its wheels.

Missouri man enters guilty plea relating to fatal DWI accident

A drunk driving accident in which a life is lost is devastating for the parties involved, including the drunk driver. Even when the driver does not know the victim, the individual likely deeply regrets the actions that led to the fatal event. Additionally, the driver could face serious charges for a fatal DWI accident, along with living with the emotional hardships of possibly being responsible for another person's death.

A man in Missouri recently pleaded guilty to charges relating to a DWI crash that led to one fatality. It was reported that the 21-year-old man was driving a vehicle when he failed to retain control on the roadway and crashed. As a result, a passenger in the vehicle suffered fatal injuries. The driver was seriously injured and taken from the scene of the accident by helicopter.

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