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Circumventing a suspended license may interest Missouri deputy

As long as an individual is the legal age or above, casually consuming alcohol is not a crime. However, if a person operates a vehicle after drinking, he or she could end up in trouble for that illegal activity. It is important to remember, though, that drivers have the ability to contest any allegations that may be leveled against them for DWI in the hopes of avoiding a suspended license or other punishment.

A deputy in Missouri was recently charged for DWI after allegedly being involved in a car accident. It was reported that officers were alerted to a single-car wreck just after 12:30 a.m. The vehicle had apparently left the roadway. The crash was considered minor, and no injuries were reported as a result of the alleged event.

Alleged repeat DWI offender charged for seventh time in Missouri

When a vehicle is stopped because authorities believe that the driver may be intoxicated, that driver could possibly face charges if an officer considers them appropriate. As a result, a driver could potentially be at risk of facing a DWI conviction. If such a situation takes place for the first time, the punishment may not be severe. However, if an individual is considered a repeat DWI offender, creating a meaningful defense may be an option they consider to work toward avoiding steeper penalties.

A man in Missouri may be looking into such an option or other legal avenues after he was reportedly charged with DWI for the seventh time. It was reported that he was stopped by authorities after 2 a.m., though the reason for the stop was not disclosed. The driver allegedly attempted to give a false name during the stop.

Suspended license may be outcome if Missouri driver is convicted

When an individual has an allegation leveled against him or her, it could be a prudent step to work toward understanding what that allegation means. By understanding what a person is being charged with, that individual may be better able to work toward preparing for their legal situation. If the allegation pertains to DWI, the accused driver may hope to avoid having a suspended license as punishment.

A woman in Missouri may wish to find out more about her situation after facing alcohol-related charges. It was reported that the woman was allegedly involved in a car accident after she reportedly collided with another vehicle that was attempting to pass her. The woman was apparently injured in the purported event, but those injuries were reported as being minor.

Missouri man faces felony DWI charges years after alleged event

In some cases where a party is suspected of having been driving while intoxicated, he or she may not be tried immediately after the incident. Some situations may require witnesses to the alleged event coming forward before felony DWI charges can be presented. Though this delay could potentially take a considerable amount of time, allegations may eventually be leveled against a party, and information on legal proceedings may need to be gained.

A man in Missouri was recently charged with felony DWI after an accident that reportedly took place in 2011. Witnesses to the allegedly event were recently found, which is why there was such a considerable time span between the supposed incident and the filing of the charges. The situation reportedly took place when the driver of a pickup truck hit another vehicle and left the scene.

Missouri man may wish to avoid limited driving privileges

Not maintaining a proper following distance can be one of the causes of accidents across the country. If an individual is involved in such an accident, authorities may wish to conduct sobriety tests to determine if impairment could have been a contributing factor. If officers believe that evidence suggests that a driver was intoxicated, that driver may be charged for DWI and potentially face limited driving privileges.

A man in Missouri is currently facing such a situation after he was reportedly involved in an accident. Reports stated that the man was operating a motorcycle when he allegedly collided with the rear of another vehicle. The man was ejected from the motorcycle and suffered injuries. He was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Missouri incident may cause driver's license suspension risk

When a person finds him- or herself under considerable pressure, he or she may not always make the best decisions. As a result, individuals who find themselves about to be stopped by law enforcement may make a rash decision and try to avoid being stopped due to fear of DWI allegations, driver's license suspension or other possible outcomes. However, leading officers on a chase often only leads to additional charges and more potential penalties.

A man in Missouri was recently charged with several allegations, including DWI, after allegedly fleeing from law enforcement. It was reported that an officer has purportedly attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding, but the vehicle allegedly continued traveling. The chase reportedly reached speeds of 90 mph. The driver of the vehicle supposedly left the vehicle and continued traveling on foot.

Missouri man may be concerned about revoked driver's license risk

Being accused of illegal activity can have an impact on several aspects of a person's life, including their employment. However, many individuals who are facing allegations may want to focus on their legal situation before other personal matters that could be affected. Because DWI charges can carry penalties such as a revoked driver's license or even potential jail time, accused parties may be concerned about their defense options.

An assistant athletic director in Missouri may hope to create a meaningful defense after he was taken into custody for DWI. It was reported that the incident allegedly took place at approximately 1:30 a.m. Details of the arrest were not specifically mentioned in the report. However, it was noted that the man had purportedly been speeding.

Missouri man opts for plea bargain after felony DWI

When a person is facing allegations, there could potentially be multiple legal options that they may wish to explore. An individual who is facing felony DWI charges may wish to prepare differently than an individual who is facing other charges. Nonetheless, each party should look into their specific case to determine what could possibly lead to an outcome that they would be most agreeable with. For some, that may mean developing defensive strategies, and for others, it may mean looking into plea bargains.

A case recently came to an end for a Missouri man who was taken into custody on multiple charges. It was reported that the situation began when the man was arrested due to driving while intoxicated and other allegations. It was also noted in the report that the man had had previous DWI convictions on his record.

Man faces felony DWI charges after alleged Missouri accident

Going into a legal situation with some preparation can at times make a considerable difference than going in unprepared. Therefore, individuals who face serious charges such as felony DWI may want to consider their defense options. By assessing their situation and learning how they may be able to approach their case, the outcomes may be more favorable than if they used impromptu methods during the proceedings.

A man in Missouri may want to consider preparing for his court appearances after he was charged with felony DWI. It was reported that the man had allegedly been driving a vehicle when he lost control. As a result, the vehicle left the roadway and ended up crashing into a creek. The 50-year-old man reportedly did not remain on the scene of the accident.

Alleged Missouri chase may cause risk of revoked driver's license

Some drivers may make the mistake of believing that evading officers could potentially allow them to avoid punishment. Unfortunately, this misguided notion may only lead to additional charges being leveled against an individual. If the driver was suspected of being under the influence and attempted to evade, he or she could be at risk of having a revoked driver's license or more severe consequences.

A driver who was allegedly involved in a police chase in Missouri may hope to determine how to make the best out of his current legal situation. Authorities had reportedly attempted to stop the driver for an undisclosed reason, but the driver purportedly continued traveling. An officer involved in the situation claimed that the man was traveling 130 mph in a 35 mph zone, presumably during the alleged chase.

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