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Missouri drivers may be interested in Breathalyzer test info

Many drivers can attest to the fact that being stopped by a police officer makes them a bit nervous. Because there are many potential situations that an officer believes may need attention, a driver may not always know what the issue may be. Some drivers may be surprised when an officer suspects them of being under the influence, and a Breathalyzer test could potentially be requested.

Some parties in Missouri may wish to refuse to take a breath test. However, this refusal could result in immediate punishments, such as driver's license suspension. Some drivers may not wish to submit to such a test because they may believe that it could potentially give the authorities evidence against them in a suspected DWI situation.

Repeat DWI offender taken into custody in Missouri

When an individual has a problem involving alcohol, the signs indicating the issue can vary depending on the situation. In some cases, an individual may be considered a repeat DWI offender because a deeper issue with alcohol leads to that party getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Unfortunately, many individuals go prolonged periods without assistance for the issue, but some parties may be able to request a treatment program in lieu of certain punishment.

A man in Missouri may be looking into such options after he was taken into custody. It was reported that the man was allegedly driving at an excessive rate of speed in a designated school zone and reportedly almost struck a pedestrian. An officer purportedly witnessed the event.

Driver's license suspension possible penalty after Missouri crash

When a car accident takes place, authorities may want to examine each driver to determine whether intoxication could possibly have played a role. If police believe that a driver may have been under the influence, that driver could face DWI charges. If a chemical test indicates that a driver may have been over the legal limit or the suspected driver does not submit to a test, that driver could face immediate driver's license suspension.

A driver in Missouri may be at risk of such suspension after reportedly being involved in a multi-car accident. It was reported that a vehicle was stopped in order to make a left turn, and two additional vehicles were also stopped while waiting for the first car to turn. As they were stopped, a vehicle approaching from behind allegedly collided with the back of the third vehicle, which caused a chain reaction crash.

Missouri woman charged after alleged fatal DWI accident

When a fatal accident takes place, authorities should go over the details of the accident to determine whether any charges may be necessary. If a driver is suspected to have been intoxicated at the time of the accident, that driver could face serious allegations. A fatal DWI accident could lead to steep penalties if a driver is convicted.

A driver in Missouri may be considering her defensive options after being taken into custody for DWI. It was reported that the driver was traveling west when she allegedly failed to maintain the correct lane and collided with a pickup truck traveling east. The driver of the pickup truck reportedly suffered fatal injuries and succumbed to those injuries at an area hospital approximately an hour after the crash.

Missouri man could face suspended license after crash

When injuries result from an accident, a driver could potentially face criminal charges. If that driver is also suspected of having been under the influence at the time of the incident, DWI charges may also be leveled against that party. If a chemical test to determine blood alcohol content is refused and/or tests indicate a blood alcohol level over the legal limit, a driver could face an administrative suspension of his or her driver's license despite the fact that the criminal charges have not yet been heard. Moreover, if a criminal conviction is obtained, the court will likely impose a suspended license as part of its sentence.

A man in Missouri could be at risk of such an outcome after allegedly being involved in a single-car accident. It was reported that the man was driving an SUV when he apparently lost control. The vehicle then left the road and flipped. The crashed reportedly caused a child that was in the SUV to be thrown from the vehicle.

Breath test refusal could lead to blood test warrant in Missouri

When an individual is stopped because an officer believes that he or she is under the influence of alcohol, the officer may request that the driver take a breath test. In some situations, breath test refusal takes place because drivers believe that not participating in the test may take away potential evidence against them. However, it is important for individuals who refuse such tests to understand that additional penalties could result, and other actions may be taken.

It was recently reported that a no refusal policy could be coming to certain checkpoints of areas in Missouri. This policy would allow officers to obtain warrants for a blood sample if a suspected drunk driver does not submit to a breath test. In order to obtain such a warrant, the officer would have to present evidence that a DWI was potentially taking place.

Missouri crash leads to felony charges for driver

As many individuals have heard throughout their lives, being prepared can make a considerable difference going into any situation. This notion can also be applied to legal situations in which a driver may be facing felony charges due to allegedly driving while intoxicated. By understanding the allegations, their potential outcomes and the process for handling those charges, parties may be able to make better decisions for their cases.

A driver in Missouri may hope to find out more about her situation after being taken into custody. It was reported that the woman was driving her vehicle when she reportedly crashed into the office of a fire department. The incident allegedly resulted in an individual, who was inside the building, suffering serious injuries after being pinned between his desk and the vehicle.

Missouri DWI expungement may interest man facing charges

Many individuals can say that at one point in their lives or another they have had a lapse in judgment. In some cases, this judgment error could potentially lead to an interaction with law enforcement. If the situation involves allegedly drinking and driving, a driver could face potential charges. If an individual is convicted of such allegations for the first time, he or she may want to look into DWI expungement.  

A man in Missouri, who is also a police officer, was recently taken into custody on DWI charges. It was reported that the man, while off duty, had apparently been stopped due to a traffic violation. It was not disclosed in the report what the reported violation was, and additional details on the situation were few.  

Circumventing a suspended license may interest Missouri deputy

As long as an individual is the legal age or above, casually consuming alcohol is not a crime. However, if a person operates a vehicle after drinking, he or she could end up in trouble for that illegal activity. It is important to remember, though, that drivers have the ability to contest any allegations that may be leveled against them for DWI in the hopes of avoiding a suspended license or other punishment.

A deputy in Missouri was recently charged for DWI after allegedly being involved in a car accident. It was reported that officers were alerted to a single-car wreck just after 12:30 a.m. The vehicle had apparently left the roadway. The crash was considered minor, and no injuries were reported as a result of the alleged event.

Alleged repeat DWI offender charged for seventh time in Missouri

When a vehicle is stopped because authorities believe that the driver may be intoxicated, that driver could possibly face charges if an officer considers them appropriate. As a result, a driver could potentially be at risk of facing a DWI conviction. If such a situation takes place for the first time, the punishment may not be severe. However, if an individual is considered a repeat DWI offender, creating a meaningful defense may be an option they consider to work toward avoiding steeper penalties.

A man in Missouri may be looking into such an option or other legal avenues after he was reportedly charged with DWI for the seventh time. It was reported that he was stopped by authorities after 2 a.m., though the reason for the stop was not disclosed. The driver allegedly attempted to give a false name during the stop.

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